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Colorfront turns into digital lab with DVS

19 October 2007

DVS Digital Video Systems is installing an extensive DVS-SAN featuring DataDirect Networks components at top facility Colorfront in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Colorfront made the decision to acquire the 43 Terabyte DVS-SAN in mid-July, writes Fergal Ringrose.

This centralised storage system will provide the renowned post production house with extremely fast storage and administration capabilities for its resource-intensive projects. The customer settled for a massive-parallel DVS-SAN with DataDirect Networks (DDN) components. The system is the only one capable of handling six uncompressed 2k streams simultaneously in realtime. With this version of its DVS-SAN, DVS achieves extremely high data rates while simultaneously fulfilling data security requirements by implementing a RAID-5 system.

With its DDN components, the DVS-SAN does not only achieve extremely high data rates. It also has an increased overall storage capacity in order to fulfil the customer requirements of enhanced performance and maximum safety against hard disk failure. With the integration of DDN, DVS is expanding its product portfolio to include a true enterprise-level solution in addition to its entry-level and mid-size storage systems. This enables DVS to meet customer requirements, such as those of Colorfront, with perfectly tailored products for both post production and broadcast.

DVS-SAN, the centralised storage solution by DVS, is equipped with state-of-the-art RAID controller technology and maximises storage capacity and bandwidth. The DVS-SAN is ideal for collaborative DI workflows that require distributed storage combined with realtime access to SD, HD, 2k and 4k material. With its DVS Spycer data management system, the DVS-SAN also features a high-performance toolkit for browsing and searching, for editing metadata, as well as for high-speed copying and defragmentation of data.

Markus Kohaupt, DVS product manager, said: “We enjoy using innovative methods to ensure optimum workflows for our customers. With DataDirect Networks, we have a highly reliable partner to support us in this effort. The decision of a renowned post production house such as Colorfront to go for one of our current DVS-SAN versions encourages us to continue pursuing the strategic expansion of our range of centralised storage solutions.”

“We’re pleased to partner with DVS in supplying them with our S2A (Silicon Storage Architecture) appliance technology for their DVS-SAN,” noted Paul Bloch, president of DataDirect Networks. “The S2A’s open realtime architecture enables their SAN solution to work with the many types of workstations and applications needed to create in realtime while elevating the performance of heterogeneous shared file systems within fibre channel fabrics. The DVS-SAN can now easily scale to handle the bandwidth and capacity intensive requirements needed in the 2k and 4k digital intermediate space, empowering true real-time collaborative workflows in digital post production.”

Aron Jaszberenyi, Colorfront managing director commented: “We are developing our DI post production business into one of the leading facilities in Europe. To compete for the best work we need an efficient pipeline infrastructure based around fast and reliable storage. The DVS-SAN, equipped with DataDirect Networks components, provides us with the industry-leading performance we need moving ahead.”

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