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Colorfront takes dailies worldwide

12 December 2007

Budapest -based Colorfront has introduced Doremi Digital Mastering and Cinema Player technologies at its facility. It is now the first company in Central Europe able to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for movies and pre-show content in line with DCI specifications, and to offer a service delivering these materials for viewing in digitally-equipped cinemas worldwide.

Colorfront has purchased and installed Doremi’s DMS-2000 Mastering Station and DCP-2000 Digital Cinema Player, and has implemented these into a pioneering workflow that also includes a DCI digital dailies package. The workflow involves pin-registered scanning with an ARRI scanner to a central 43TB DataDirect SAN, with the material best-light graded on Autodesk Lustre, and output with 3D mesh film print simulation via dual-link 4:4:4 HD-SDI to the Doremi DMS-2000 for realtime encoding into JPEG2000.

This workflow is being used to produce digital cinema packages: DCI dailies and rushes that can then be sent electronically to any digitally-equipped cinema in the world for viewing. It opens many new opportunities for the newly-built studio, taking into account that the place of shooting is often far away from the post production facilities.

“Digital cinema is evolving as fast as the world is shrinking. With the installation of Doremi technology, we are able to offer international filmmakers a new range of possibilities and opportunities during production and post,” said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront. “Exclusive hardware-accelerated encoding provides us with realtime encoding of digital movie files. With our dedicated fibre connection and massive international bandwidth, we can efficiently deliver the encrypted DCI material for screening in any digitally-equipped cinema in the world.”

Fran_ois Helt, technical manager of Doremi Cinema, says: “This new workflow based on Lustre and the ability of the DMS to encode realtime HD-SDI signal can make the post production process easier and faster. We are proud to work together with Colorfront on this project with the aim to write a new page of digital cinema history.”

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