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COLLECTIVES launched by The Foundry

19 February 2014
COLLECTIVES launched by The Foundry

Software developer The Foundry has launched COLLECTIVES, two sets of applications that aim to bring collaboration, efficiency and productivity to design and digital media production professionals. The Creation and Production COLLECTIVES product packages are sold together and are designed for single seat use.

The Creation COLLECTIVE features digital 3D visualisation, modelling, animation, painting, playback and integration tools in a single license. The package includes MODO, the next generation 3D content creation package; MARI, the 3D, fluid and flexible paint tool; and HIEROPLAYER, a desktop review tool that provides a multi-track review timeline.

The Production COLLECTIVE also includes MODO and MARI for media production professionals, as well as NUKEX, the industry-standard advanced, node-based compositing package, and HIERO, a complete shot management, conform, edit and review solution. This range of toolsets enables 3D digital modelling, animation, paint, effects, playback, editorial and shot management, under the banner of one software license.

“The COLLECTIVES offer a new way for people to use our tools,” said Andy Whitmore, chief product officer, The Foundry. “Over the years we’ve built up what we consider to be a strong toolbox for the creative industry. Now that we’ve reached a point where we have a set of complementary products that each individually play an integral part in the content creation process, we want to offer artists and designers the chance to take advantage of that workflow at an affordable price.”

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