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Collaborative newsgathering from Avid

18 April 2011
Collaborative newsgathering from Avid

Interplay Central from Avid gives the journalist access to familiar editing and preparation tools wherever there is internet access. The new thin web client looks identical to the familiar Avid news edit screen, with the same toolkit, but works on the low resolution proxy to minimise bandwidth requirements.By logging on to the Interplay Central portal the journalist can dynamically load the appropriate tools. This includes the ability to link pictures to the script rather than to a timeline, and intelligent audio functionality which provides automatic ducking of natural sound under voiceovers. Because the look and feel is identical to the fixed version, journalists in the field and producers back at base can smoothly collaborate on stories.When even a laptop is not a practical option, Interplay Central Mobile gives users the ability to browse, create and edit stories, and insert them into the iNews rundown, from a Blackberry.

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