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Coding Tech wins EBU audio test

19 July 2007

The EBU has chosen Coding Technologies’ MPEG-4 aacPlus audio codec as a clear winner in a recent multichannel audio test. The EBU found that the codec is the only one capable of delivering superior surround audio across a wide range of bitrates and all broadcasting applications, including mobile, SD, and HD, writes Fergal Ringrose.

This is Coding Technologies’ second listening test victory with the highly regarded EBU. In a previous 2003 stereo comparison, aacPlus outperformed each and every other codec in the test field. The multichannel audio system and quality evaluation test carried out by EBU is a stringent, independently run blind listening test which compares the audio quality and performance of audio codecs across the market place.

The listening test determined that aacPlus, at bitrates between 128 and 192kbps, outperformed all other surround sound codecs in terms of efficiency, while scoring overall audio quality results in the ‘excellent’ range. This remarkable level of audio quality was only reached by its competitors while operating at twice the bitrate and above. Additionally, a corresponding workshop held by the EBU revealed that aacPlus multichannel audio encoding is now fully capable of handling and utilising Dolby metadata.

Coding Technologies’ aacPlus codec represents a breakthrough in audio compression efficiency allowing HD broadcasters to deliver crystal clear 5.1 surround sound in as little as 160kbps, while SD broadcasters can deliver excellent quality stereo at 48kbps.

“It is a new day in the digital TV world,” said Stefan Meltzer, vice president business development, Coding Technologies. “Coding Technologies is very pleased that independent test results now provide conclusive proof of the value aacPlus puts in the hands of broadcasters, operators and media providers looking to provide a better listening experience to their customers, while reducing their own system requirements.”

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