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Cobalt Digital throws down BVE challenge

25 January 2013
Cobalt Digital throws down BVE challenge

Cobalt Digital is to demonstrate its extensive range of 3G/HD/SD-SDI conversion gear at BVE. Chris Shaw, executive vice president of sales & marketing, said that the company will have its latest loudness processing innovations alongside its new line of throw down boxes, established terminal gear, and control panels in a space shared with UK-based master distributor “With the recent appointment of Digi-Box as Cobalt Digital’s master distributor for the UK and Southern Ireland, it is vital that we support their efforts in this region,” stated Shaw. “BVE provides an ideal launching pad for this new partnership and offers the opportunity to demonstrate the latest additions to our product line.” Cobalt’s timely loudness processing solutions will take center stage at BVE. Using LINEAR ACOUSTIC Aeromax technology, the LMNTS (Loudness Management for n-Transport Streams) offers an economic, consistent solution that’s easy to integrate. LMNTS performs automatic loudness processing across many transport streams making it ideal for MVPDs and MSOs where a large number of diverse programming sources must be simultaneously controlled. Cobalt’s SpotCheck, its audio loudness measurement and recorded data logging system, facilitates EBU R128 and CALM compliance. SpotCheck monitors an IP, ASI, or a transmitted over-the-air MPEG stream at the transmit (emission) encode point, and provides easy-to-use, convenient, long-term access to loudness records for all programming initiated from a broadcasting facility. Also new is Cobalt’s BlueBox Group, a series of throw down boxes providing HDMI to SDI, SDI to HDMI, analogue to digital, and digital to analogue conversion with audio embedding/de-embedding. Cobalt will additionally feature its FUSION3G line of terminal gear that offers extensive signal processing options including up/down/cross conversion, loudness processing, up-mixing, and Dolby transcoding; the COMPASS colour correction card with OGCP-9000/CC remote control panel; the 9223 MPEG-4 Encoder card; OGCP-9000 and WinOGCP remote control panels for control and monitoring of FUSION3G and COMPASS cards with loudness metering and monitoring options.F12

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