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Cloud-based live streaming

9 November 2012
Cloud-based live streaming

iStreamPlanet has introduced Aventus, a new, cloud-based video workflow platform for delivering live linear events online. The new system has been developed in conjunction with NBC Sports, already a major user of iStreamPlanet technology. Aventus addresses the challenges of streaming live events and linear channels to multiple platforms by moving the workflow from hardware-dependent infrastructure to software and the cloud. It uses virtual machines for every step in the delivery workflow, from scheduling through quality control, media processing and content protection to publishing to any number of locations. The developers claim that the result is a flexible resource optimised for both performance and cost. As a cloud service it is inherently scalable, so content owners, aggregators and distributors can call upon it as necessary, regardless of the size of the audience or the number of formats. “Aventus is the fist live video platform built from the ground up for the cloud,” claimed Mio Babic, president and CEO of iStreamPlanet. “We will be helping our customers take advantage of the cloud’s elastic computing power, storage and bandwidth in both on-premise private cloud and public cloud environments. “The platform will help content owners keep pace with the growing market for live video online, and help create new business opportunities for broadcasters of all sizes.”

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