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CLIPSTER finding favour with Nordisk Film ShortCut

7 July 2011

Nordisk Film ShortCut – a subsidiary of the legendary film company Nordisk Film – has added a total of three DVS CLIPSTER DI workstations to facilities in Copenhagen and Oslo, allowing the company to execute real-time RAW workflows and high-speed DCI Mastering.

While two workstations are located in Copenhagen, the third CLIPSTER is in use at Nordisk Film ShortCut’s operation in Oslo.

Ease of integration with existing Nordisk infrastructure and the ability to make film material for Norway available in DCP format ahead of digital cinema conversion were among the factors that informed the selection of CLIPSTER.

Designed for maximum flexibility, CLIPSTER combines RAW data from RED and ARRI ALEXA cmaeras with other file and video formats, providing a versatile workflow for data processing.

The DI workstation handles all the steps of the DCI Mastering from the DSM (Digital Source Master) to the DCP (Digital Cinema Package). The completed DCP can be verified for key parameters directly using CLIPSTER, allowing editors at Nordisk to conduct quality checks quickly and reliably.

Ivan Schmidt, technical manager at Nordisk, commented: “We were so impressed with CLIPSTER right from the outset that we immediately decided to invest in a second and then in a third DI workstation. Thanks to the DVS solution, we now benefit from more efficient workflows. At the same time, we are best equipped for the future as CLIPSTER is continually being updated to meet the latest market developments.”

Ernst-Joerg Oberhoessel, sales director region Western Europe at DVS, added: “We have been working closely with Nordisk Film for a long time now. We are delighted to offer them a vital contribution to their workflows once again with CLIPSTER. Besides real-time RAW workflows, our DI workstation also enables high-speed DCI and HD Mastering at Nordisk.”

Photo Credit: DVS

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