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Clearcast joins Sohonet Media Network

28 December 2011
Clearcast joins Sohonet Media Network

The broadcast advertising pre-clearance specialist, Clearcast, has installed a 1Gbps fibre connection and Sohonet Failover system to support its existing services and future-proof its network infrastructure, writes David Fox.

Clearcast was founded in 2008 by Britain’s eight largest commercial broadcasters to simplify the process of getting advertising to air. Its primary service is to provide pre-clearance for TV advertising for most broadcasters, ensuring that adverts adhere to the BCAP TV Advertising Standards Code. It also does pre-clearance for VoD and teleshopping, the only automated service providing Flashing and Regular Pattern testing for photo sensitive epilepsy and Attribution and Pitch Advisory services.

“Our SMN membership allows a great number of media and advertising agencies that are already part of the Sohonet network to upload their adverts to us faster than ever before. Sohonet’s solution has significantly optimised our services, such as Edit-to-Clear and Online Flash Test for all our clients, and has enabled a rapid turnaround on last-minute advert changes, alterations to super-imposed texts and resolution to problems regarding flashing images," said Clearcast CTO James Morgan-Yates.

“As demand for high quality VoD and interactive advertising increases, we are seeing more media agencies than ever before sign up for our Sohonet Media Network so that they remain ahead in the growing digital world," added Dave Scammell, Sohonet’s CEO.

Clearcast also installed Sohonet’s Automatic Failover to ensure 100% uptime. “It is great that we no longer have to worry about connection failure and can guarantee an optimum service at all times," said Morgan-Yates. "From start to finish, Sohonet has managed our project quickly and professionally. In fact, I have had more problems having broadband installed in my own home than I did on this project – which considering the size of the undertaking – is no mean feat.”

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