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Clear-Com adds Ethernet networking

31 July 2013
Clear-Com adds Ethernet networking

Clear-Com has enhanced its HelixNet Partyline Intercom System so that stage managers, camera operators, lighting engineers or any other HelixNet users can remain connected to one another even when they are in disparate locations or separated by long distances.

The new networking capabilities, which will be on show for the first time at IBC2013, see ethernet and fibre lines used to link multiple HelixNet systems, distributing digital partyline channels, programme audio feeds and auxiliary interfaced audio to all digital beltpack users.

“This new capability means that any of the possible dozens of HelixNet beltpack users can access any two of the available network partyline channels by simply selecting the desired channels on their beltpack,” explained Clear-Com Director of Product Management, Simon Browne.

“Since all these channels are running off a single, shielded twisted-pair cable, users no longer need to physically relocate multiple cables for new configurations, utilise expensive source-assign equipment or rely on multiple power supply units.”

The station-to-station networking function is made possible with the new HLI-ET2 Ethernet Module. Working this way allows main stations to connect directly (or through a LAN) using standard IT switches. The Ethernet Module comes standard with two RJ-45 jacks.

A new HLI-FBS Fibre Module is also available for linking stations over long distances.

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