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Clean connectors from Fischer

16 September 2013
Clean connectors from Fischer

Fischer’s latest FiberOptic Series connector “is the only fibre optic connector on the market that is IP67 when disconnected,” according to Stéphane Antonetti, Fischer’s sales coordinator.

“It is very important for broadcast companies when they use it outside and it fills with mud, that it is easy to clean,” added German sales executive, Bert Gasche. Whereas other connectors can be very difficult to clean, this just takes a minute, most of it spent under a tap as the mud is washed off.

It has all the advantages of an expanded beam connection, without the disadvantages of insertion and reflection losses, “but this has a contact-to-contact design, so insertion loss is reduced to 0.1dB, and the optical ferules are angle polished to reduce reflection so signal to noise is higher than 70dB,” explained Antonetti.

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