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Civolution upgrades Teletrax

3 September 2010

Civolution has upgraded its Teletrax global broadcast monitoring service to v4.0, and now includes tracking of SD and HD video material as well as capabilities for combined watermarking and fingerprinting broadcast monitoring applications.

“This is an important milestone, a major achievement and great news for our clients,’’ said Jaap Haitsma, chief technology officer at Civolution. ‘’Beyond the current broadcast verification capabilities on more than 1550 channels around the world, the network update will enrich our existing monitoring proposition and prepares the company to deliver additional services.’’

This major network upgrade updates all Teletrax detection stations around the world and is part of an ongoing development effort to optimise and future-proof the Civolution broadcast monitoring platform in keeping up with ongoing changes in broadcast distribution. With this upgrade, the broadcast network has improved HD and SD tracking capabilities, provides better watermarking survivability, enhanced network manageability and integrates watermarking and fingerprinting into the product line.

Civolution’s Teletrax will now be able to track the broadcast of media assets using video fingerprinting and watermarking. This creates unique capabilities, providing clients with alternative technologies that compliment their production and distribution workflows as well as their broadcast intelligence requirements. Broadcast monitoring fingerprints can also be repurposed for online tracking and monetization.

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