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City Channel opens On-Air systems

24 May 2007

Automation provider On-Air Systems has aided City Channel, the first cable-only channel in Ireland, to launch in two new cities. Low-cost software and support enables City Channel to operate in Dublin, Waterford and Galway, writes Fergal Ringrose.

City Channel’s broadcast manager Jamie Conway said he likes On-Air’s systems because “they’re simple to use and the customer support is second to none.” City Channel uses On-Air Systems’ K-Series software (Kapture, sKedule Importer and playKast) to ingest and playout all of its channel work.

City Channel launched the first channel in Dublin in 2005 using K-Series software, and needed to integrate a number of other systems into the workflow. On-Air wrote an import module that allows schedules output from City Channel’s RCS scheduling package to create daily playlists in On-Air playKast, with As-Run logs confirming played output.

“We needed to put certain graphics on our channel,” said Conway, “and we decided to use an Infocaster system. On-Air wrote a triggering module to switch the output for this so it could be integrated with the On-Air video content – although the newest versions of playKast have these features so we won’t need these for future channels. In addition we’re currently developing a trigger system for our live studio show, and On-Air is helping us with integration into our editing systems.”

The company intends to launch a number of additional channels in different cities in Ireland and Europe. CEO Dave Harvey is a former RTE presenter and is a shareholder in independent radio stations.

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