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CION camera ready

13 September 2014
CION camera ready

Production models of the CION — the first digital camera from AJA — are on display at IBC and will soon be available for $8,995.

“CION is so multiformat; people are looking at it for all applications,” AJA president Nick Rashby said, noting that this includes IBC keynote speaker Douglas Trumbull, who is developing a 3D, 4K 120fps exhibition system.

CION supports 4K and 120fps. In fact, these features have already been tested by NASCAR and Major League Baseball.

At IBC, AJA revealed that its Raw CION camera format will soon be supported in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Said Rashby: “While CION enables a multitude of ProRes codec choices, and other direct-to-edit workflow options, customers who will want the ultimate in colour range and flexibility may choose to work with AJA Raw files in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.”

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