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Cinegy awarded MXF AS-11 certification

24 September 2013
Cinegy awarded MXF AS-11 certification

Cinegy is the first company to be given official certification for MXF AS-11 by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA). AMWA awarded Cinegy with the certification in a press conference at IBC2013, held in the IBC Workflow Solutions Village.
AMWA is known for its work on AAF (Advanced Authoring Format), MXF (Media Exchange Format) and most recently FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services).
Originating in June 2013, the MXF Application Specification 11 (AS-11) is a set of rules that constrain MXF for a specific application like a common broadcast playout format. AS-11 is a vendor-neutral subset of the MXF file format for the delivery of finished programming. It also defines a minimal core metadata set required in all AS-11 files, a program segmentation metadata scheme, and permits inclusion of custom metadata in the MXF file. The UK’s leading broadcasters, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, formed the Digital Production Partnership to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential benefits of digital production. AS-11 was created specifically at their request as the mandated, common distribution format. Broadcasters around the globe are also in discussions about adopting AS-11 as well.
“As the first company in the industry with AMWA MXF AS-11 certified products, we can create, modify, check and play MXF AS-11 files that you can rely on,” says Jan Weigner, managing director and co-founder of Cinegy.
“We are very pleased that Cinegy has been awarded the first certification for AS-11, and I am certain that other vendors will now follow swiftly. As AMWA we can only emphasize the importance of certified interoperability. Official certification is an area we are pushing very hard,” says Brad Gilmer, executive director, AMWA.
"The AMWA application specifications and certification policy define a set of rules that constrain a specification giving media companies reassurance that products will interoperate in a best of breed environment, providing further value to AMWA members, end users and vendors,” says Neil Dunstan, marketing and membership manager, AMWA."

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