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Cine lenses at video price

7 October 2013
Cine lenses at video price

Samyang Optics has made a name for itself in the photography market for creating good quality lenses at reasonable prices, and hopes to do the same for video with its new range of V-DSLR cine lenses. The new 16mm T2.2 is €420, but should rival lenses costing at least double that from higher-end manufacturers for quality, claims Piotr Madura, product manager.

The V-DSLR lenses are rack compatible with Follow Focus systems, and promise smooth, noiseless rotation of the aperture ring. They are available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A and Sony E mounts. The Fish-eye (180° diagonal) 8mm T3.8 and the 16mm T2.2 both cover an APS-C/Super 35mm-size sensor, whereas the 14mm T3.1, and 24mm, 35mm T1.5 and 85mm (all T1.5) are full frame. Prices range from €379 for the 8mm to €650 for the 24mm. Future models will include a 50mm, next, followed by a 135mm T1.8.

Also available are two Samyang V-DLSR cases for security against dust, water splashes, impacts and mechanical damages. The bigger one houses six lenses, the smaller one takes three.

by David Fox


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