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ChyronHego releases new version of Channel Box 2

25 November 2013
ChyronHego releases new version of Channel Box 2

ChyronHego has announced the availability of Version 5.0 of its Channel Box 2 software, for its channel branding and promo system. It aims to offer a faster and easier way to deliver branding elements such as up-to-the-minute headlines, sports scores, financial data, weather reports, social media commentary and automated promos.

The software upgrade is fully localised in 13 languages, with new tools including a Scene Designer with a realtime canvas and an Advanced Data Object tool to point and click data to air. Also new to Version 5.0 is an asset validation and quality control system to ensure error-free scenes, and an embedded C# development environment leveraging the latest .NET Microsoft technology that allows for interactive control panels.

“Driving ratings and revenue is key for broadcasters and plays a pivotal role in our continued Channel Box 2 development,” commented Lou Garvin, senior product manager at ChyronHego. “This latest release features robust tools that enable broadcasters to work more efficiently, brand bolder and outshine the competition.”

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