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ChyronHego acquires Sound & Video Creations

13 July 2016
ChyronHego acquires Sound & Video Creations

ChyronHego has acquired Sound & Video Creations, a developer of digital content management and delivery solutions for sports stadium presentations and broadcasts. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Sound & Video Creations is well-known for its ClickEffects family of products for live AV entertainment production, including CrossFire, Blaze, BackDraft, and ProAudio.

With sports fans paying a premium for tickets to live sports events, there is demand and an expectation for an ever more sophisticated AV experience once inside the stadium. As a result, solutions for streamlining in-arena productions represent a growth market and an outstanding opportunity for ChyronHego,” said Johan Apel, president and CEO, ChyronHego. “With its ClickEffects family, Sound & Video Creations has set new benchmarks for the delivery, management and control of content for display systems in stadiums and arenas. Paired with the graphics and rendering solutions in our product family, the ClickEffects products offer our joint customers a full solution in an end-to-end broadcast content creation, management and delivery workflow.”

For more than 20 years, ClickEffects solutions have defined digital AV content delivery at high-profile live sports and entertainment events. In addition, ClickEffects systems have been deployed by hundreds of colleges and universities, by over 75% of Major and Minor League baseball teams in the US, and by nearly 65% of professional football, basketball and hockey teams.

“Our integration with ChyronHego is an important milestone and an exciting development for our company as well as our customers,” said Cliff Wight, president, Sound & Video Creations. “We’re proud of our achievement as the number one provider of stadium AV solutions in the United States, and now – as part of the global ChyronHego development and sales organisation – we’ll have a ready path for expanding our product set on a global basis.”

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