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Chyron x 7 for La Fran_aise d’Images

13 February 2007

La Fran_aise d’Images, the audiovisual subsidiary of La Fran_aise des Jeux, has purchased seven Chyron HyperX HD/SD-switchable graphics systems for creative, fast-turnaround of live broadcasts.

Founded in 1993, with three studios for production and four studios dedicated to post production in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris, La Fran_aise d’Images has completed a comprehensive upgrade of its facility and digital technologies to create and broadcast media content with on-air graphics for its entire TV games line-up, as well as some customised TV programmes. The seven Chyron HyperX systems will play a major role in delivering 24/7 high-end graphics content that can be created online or offline, in SD or HD. This includes 2D and 3D object creation and animation, advanced text and image effects, Intelligent Interface and DB Link update, as well as the creation and execution of macros. Each HyperX system is supplied with Chyron’s Lyric PRO graphics creation and playout application, enabling the addition, removal or update of animated graphics at any time, independently of other, on-air animating graphic elements.

The project began in October 2006, when the Chyron and La Fran_aise d’Images’ engineering teams started working together. The implementation was built around two mirrored NAS (Network Attached Storage) Servers in a fully-secured workflow environment. Four of the Chyron HyperX systems are attached to shared media network systems, with the other three working standalone and reserved for post-production.

Nabil Bouchiba, technical director, La Fran_aise d’Images explained: “We chose Chyron for a number of reasons. By offering a secure environment that guaranteed the creation of graphics anywhere, any time (each system has two network connections – one as a back-up), the user has complete flexibility and operational control. Working with a fully-secured network is key to a very quick turnaround of our TV programmes – especially during live broadcasts. This entire project is part of our intention to be leading-edge in all broadcasting trends and to offer new programming to our most demanding audience.”

“This was quite a technical challenge,” explained Nordine Sekouri, Chyron’s French regional manager. “Our objective with La Fran_aise d’Images was to give total customisation and flexibility when developing a new programme. Specific macros were created to respond to existing technical requirements, whilst integrating their needs for the future. The teams worked hand-in-hand to configure and test these new systems so that the on-air date of early 2007 could be achieved.”

He concluded: “This implementation further strengthens Chyron’s dedication to the graphics market in France and continues the company’s commitment to its strong and expanding European customer base.”

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