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Chyron launches WAP for mobile

28 September 2006

Following the IBC launch of WAPSTR (enabling easy and speedy ingest of stills and video footage from mobile phones into the TV newsroom workflow), Chyron has this week announced the second product in the Mobile Suite for CAMIO – MOS2WAP.

The MOS2WAP option for CAMIO enables broadcasters to easily produce and deliver high-quality mobile news content to mobile phone WAP pages directly from their MOS newsroom system (such as Avid iNews, AP ENPS and Dalet Open Media).

“The response to WAPSTR at IBC was really positive, with a number of our TV newsroom customers competing to be the first ones to implement this pioneering technology in their respective markets,” explained Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron CEO. “MOS2WAP is the obvious second product to be offered as part of the Mobile Suite for CAMIO as it streamlines the process of publishing breaking news to the web and to mobile phones. WAPSTR and MOS2WAP running on CAMIO in a TV news environment have the potential to redefine the relationship between TV broadcasters and their viewers in that they open the door to the era of ‘citizen journalism’ in a manner that is seamlessly integrated with existing TV newsroom workflows,” added Wellesley-Wesley.

MOS2WAP consists of a CAMIO plug-in that runs on the CAMIO server and communicates with a separate WAP server. News producers utilise LUCI, Chyron’s MOS ActiveX and simple drag/drop GUIs to build stories, select images, preview and then post stories to ‘air’. Changes to the rundown and breaking news stories are instantly posted to the WAP server and images are automatically scaled and converted to compatible formats for display on mobile phones.

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