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China TV plans for Beijing Games

23 March 2006

Orad has announced an agreement with China’s national broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV), worth several hundred thousand US dollars – an agreement that will allow CCTV to enhance its existing sports programming capability in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Following the implementation of Orad’s sports systems by CCTV Sports during the October 2005 Chinese National Games in Nanjing, CCTV has decided to adopt Orad’s sport graphic technology in order to enhance its TV sports production capability by using more sophisticated visual tools. The agreement with CCTV includes Orad’s high end (HD/SD) HDVG realtime video graphics computer; CyberSport Graphic system that includes Orad’s CyberSport software, which provides real time graphics enhancements to a variety of sports areas; and Orad’s sports Cyber Graphic module, with several enhancements packages for soccer, tennis, swimming, athletics and others.

The system will be utilised by CCTV for all sports events and will be fully integrated with CCTV’s studio working on HD/SD systems. The first live use of the system is planned for the FINA Swimming Championship, which will be held during April in Shanghai.

Avi Sharir, President and CEO of Orad, said, "CCTV Sports broadcast reaches more than 900 million viewers, having the largest viewer population in the world. We are proud to be part of CCTV’s approach for HD broadcast."


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