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China Radio International installing 32 NTP routers

12 September 2011
China Radio International installing 32 NTP routers

The latest order includes two Penta 625 MADI and 30 Penta 725 systems, which are being installed at China Radio International’s Beijing headquarters, writes David Davies.

The purchase by CRI – which is one of the three state-owned media in the People’s Republic of China – was negotiated by NTP’s China reseller, Beijing Infomedia Digital Technology.

“One of the Penta 625 MADI routers together with eight of the Penta 725 routers will be configured as the main core system,” commented Wang Juntao, director of CRI’s Programme On-Air Department. “The second 625 and a further eight 725 routers will form a secondary or redundant core. Both these systems will be located in a machine room close to the master control room. Our headquarters building has 15 floors, each with four studios. A Penta 725 will be located on each of the other 14 floors, serving as an input and output node. The new routers will replace an existing NTP 625-100D 128-square audio matrix which has performed reliably for many years. We are very pleased with the new equipment and the professional way in which NTP has handled the project. It is a big advantage that the new routers are operationally similar to our existing audio matrix.”

“Factory acceptance took place during the second week of May,” added NTP sales director Mikael Vest. “Four representatives from CRI and two from Beijing Infomedia Digital Technology visited our Copenhagen premises. System engineer Kim Vangsgaard and I will be going to Beijing shortly to check the completed installation.”

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