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ChilliBean deploys Emotion loudness compliance

31 August 2012
ChilliBean deploys Emotion loudness compliance

ChilliBean has deployed Emotion Systems’ eFF Audio software application, which automatically analyses and fixes audio loudness violations in file-based media. Emotion’s eFF Audio ensures that audio problems in file-based media are identified and corrected to ensure compliance with the latest international standards. MXF handling capabilities and international language support have also been added. According to ChilliBean’s commercial director Peter Godden: “Because eFF Audio does precisely what it says it does, and only requires the push of a button, it makes our operation far more efficient. We can also say first hand that the results are highly accurate and reliable.” Emotion Systems’ CEO MC Patel (pictured) said: “ChilliBean delivers terabytes of data around the world, a substantial portion of which require careful checking for audio loudness violations. With multiple files flowing daily through ChilliBean’s system, plug-in compliance variants have the disadvantage of tying up valuable resources to check them all. eFF Audio is a standalone product, which means that audio files can be checked automatically with next to no manual intervention.”

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