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Chellomedia goes live with OmniBus iTX

2 October 2007

Chellomedia has launched a new 24-hour broadcast service based on the OmniBus iTX playout and automation system. Configured for three channels and an additional backup channel, Chellomedia’s iTX system went on-air 1 September after an installation and commissioning period of only two days.

Chellomedia is using the iTX system to broadcast around the clock across Europe, with the initial channel launch to be followed by two additional channels in Q4 2007 and a further upgrade to HD broadcasting on some channels in 2008.

“We’ve been able to bring this service to air in record time, thanks to an incredibly short commissioning process with the iTX system,” said Jon Try, head of engineering at Chellomedia. “This is a perfect illustration of one of the great benefits of iTX from OmniBus. Because of the unprecedented speed and ease of the process, we’ve been able to launch and run the new service in a highly cost-effective way and plan for a transparent upgrade to HD next year.”

iTX is a powerful, multi-format, full-featured production, automation and playout system running in software on standard IT hardware. For Chellomedia’s installation, iTX is integrated with the company’s IBMS scheduling system, and content is transferred via ftp direct to the iTX storage for automated transmission with interstitials and software branding provided by iTX’s Logo module.

“Chellomedia’s launch of this self-contained service shows how quickly and effectively channels can be brought to air with iTX in an IT-based environment,” said Robert Stopford, vice president of sales for OmniBus in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. “It is not an exaggeration to say that being able to deliver new services with such rapidity and cost-effectiveness radically changes the business model for content owners of all kinds, and in all sectors of the industry.”

iTX’s revolutionary, next-generation software-based broadcast production and transmission solution is installed at major broadcasters and innovative content providers around the world. Using just standard IT hardware and advanced software technology, iTX builds on OmniBus Systems’ high-end automation expertise to deliver automation, ingest, editing and content management and act as a video server, master controller, graphics device and logo inserter.

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