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Chellomedia DMC expanding Pilat Media IBMS installation

21 July 2011

The Chello Digital Media Centre (DMC) will use Pilat Media’s Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) to support 17 Chello DMC channels in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). IBMS will unite the ten countries in the region under a single unified scheduling and media management platform.

The DMC is one of Europe’s leading providers of multi-channel playout, post-production, TV distribution and content delivery services for broadcasters and content owners.

With the addition of Central and Eastern Europe, IBMS will support 66 Chello DMC channel feeds covering 19 territories in 16 audio languages and 26 subtitled languages. Previously, Chello DMC channel groups for CEE (including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina) relied on at least five different media planning and scheduling systems with little or no integration between them.

Henceforth, all channel groups will be integrated and unified under the IBMS platform, with data from previous systems migrated into IBMS to provide a repository of historical input for business analysis and planning for future services. The installation will also provide complete integration with various Chello DMC systems to enable scheduling and management of media assets throughout the broadcast life-cycle.

“As one of Europe’s most comprehensive media companies, Chello DMC is also one of the most sophisticated and innovative users of our IBMS system,” said Avi Engel, Pilat Media’s CEO. “The Chello DMC is a textbook example of how the advanced capabilities of IBMS Version 6, such as automated workflow management, can improve efficiencies, accelerate the launch of new channels and services, and ensure accurate, quality output for customers. We are honoured to include Chello DMC in our top-tier client roster and are pleased to have been able to expand our relationship into additional strategic territories.”

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