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Chellomedia automates monitoring and analysis

5 March 2012

Chello Multicanal, the Spanish business unit of the multi-national broadcaster Chellomedia, has implemented an Actus monitoring and analysis system in its Barcelona facility. The broadcaster delivers 20 thematic channels from Barcelona. The new Actus installation is accessible by a wide range of Chello Multicanal staff, including the programming department to monitor all distributed channels, the advertising staff for proof of delivery of commercials, as well as management and the engineering and quality control teams. Users can connect via the office network, or remotely via the internet. The system monitors up to 16 audio tracks per television channel, and multiple subtitle streams. Content is recorded and archived at near-HD data rates. The built-in Actus View alert systems detects changes in quality, automatically notifying engineers and others allowing them to take remedial action. “Actus media monitoring offers a flexible and reliable solution that supports our diverse needs,” said Rodolfo Garcia Cosin, CTO of Chello Multicanal. “Its ability to simultaneously monitor broadcast performance and share content and statistics across departments has helped us enhance our quality. “We have a tremendous amount of confidence in using Actus,” he added. “The user-friendly interface allows management and analysis of live transmissions by all groups, technical and non-technical. We are pleased with our decision, and look forward to a continuing partnership with the team at Actus Digital.”

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