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Channel in a Bus

7 August 2012
Channel in a Bus

Commissioned by FranceTV Sports, SIS LIVE’s British and French divisions have collaborated to design, construct and operate a live moving TV studio to deliver coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. The vehicle (a traditional red London bus) uses four fixed receive high points around London, which deliver RF coverage on selected routes around the city centre. Programmes and inserts from the bus are received by the SIS LIVE city-wide network and connected directly to FranceTV Sports’ London Olympic base for onward fibre transmission and subsequent broadcast on TV and online. The mobile studio delivers a 50-minute live morning show each day featuring guests, panelists, live music and discussions. It is also used to record clips, which are periodically inserted live into the main programme throughout the day. The project involved the co-operation of a number of SIS LIVE’s departments based in Britain and France with technology installed at SIS LIVE’s facilities in Milton Keynes and Langley. The bus is operated by a crew of 10 people, supplied by SIS LIVE, and can accommodate up to 20 other personnel, including the director, talent and guests, with up to eight people appearing onscreen simultaneously. The vehicle is equipped with nine onboard HD cameras including five miniature remote controlled heads and a roving wireless camera transmitting via MPEG4 radio link.


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