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Chameleon adapts for optimal playout

13 August 2013
Chameleon adapts for optimal playout

According to Oasys, its new Chameleon amalgamates software modules to deliver an optimal playout configuration, and is a safe, secure and supported solution.

The product is, the manufacturer says “a living, breathing entity that adapts to the broadcast environment around it” and sits seamlessly within the user’s workflow. Oasys believes that Chameleon epitomises its creative and collaborative ethos to develop bespoke solutions for customers, rather than forcing the customer to fit his or her workflows to theirs.

Chameleon’s modular software is focused around playout using either Oasys’ own or one of its partner’s internal software. Oasys cites Chameleon’s energy efficient footprint and the company’s twenty-five-years worth of experience in the field as two firm reasons to invest in the product.

Rather fittingly, Oasys is happy to adapt the solution as and when it needs changing “just like a Chameleon” post-install, to provide customers a greater return on their investment.

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