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CBC employs wTVision graphics for Egyptian election coverage

15 December 2011
CBC employs wTVision graphics for Egyptian election coverage

Capital Broadcast Center (CBC) delivered a special election programme featuring graphics developed by wTVision for the first round of the country’s national ballot.

To help the broadcaster cover Egypt’s historic elections, wTVision built a solution that included augmented reality graphics, iPad control, full-screen graphics and ticker. The iPad was used to control the on-air graphics displayed to the viewers remotely, while the augmented reality helped to provide a more impactful visual presentation. All the graphics were created by wTVision’s designers. The graphics platform used in this project was Xpression from Ross Video, while wTVision’s Election CG product was also deployed.

wTVision has an impressive track-record of election night coverage, integrating and developing graphics for more than 50 special election programmes in countries including Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

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