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Cast your news net wide to create compelling content

10 October 2014
Cast your news net wide to create compelling content

Continuing our weekly focus on NewBay Connect white papers, today’s pick is from Quantel and looks at fast turnaround production. This has always been a demanding environment, and success in news and sport depends upon satisfying two competing objectives of speed to air and the creation of a compelling story.

Speed to air requires closely coupled systems that allow media to be ingested, edited and played out in parallel, with the minimum of delay. Compelling stories often require first hand reports from eyewitnesses and footage of the scene, all of which takes time and at a remote location, combined with older footage relevant to the story that will be in longer-term archive storage.

These conflicting demands are driving broadcasters to look for new and innovative approaches beyond traditional broadcast workflows and technology, and Quantel is constantly evolving its fast turnaround production systems to address these challenges.

The company’s white paper, featured on the NewBay Connect website, discusses how QTube InterSite can help broadcasters address those conflicting requirements.

Better stories, more engagement
Critical to making stories appealing and relevant is a mixture of new contemporary footage of an event, cut with archive footage and background interviews; they all give stories context and relevance. Quantel’s InterSite allows all the media to be brought together quickly and efficiently. The camera operator can upload key shots, the producer can find archive footage, the editor can craft it into a story and the journalist can add a voiceover. InterSite all makes this possible wherever those people are and wherever the archive footage is.

Maximising value
Broadcast organisations need to get the most out of their assets. Whether it is media, hardware, software or people, maximising use of assets allows broadcast organisations to achieve more, more quickly and more efficiently.

Using Quantel InterSite allows broadcasters to have their best people work with most relevant media, wherever they are. Playout may still be from HQ, but journalists, editors and producers need to be distributed to where they can be most effective.

More information, the full white paper can be downloaded from the NewBay Connect website.

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