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Canon showcases 4k kit

6 September 2012
Canon showcases 4k kit

Canon is holding a screening in the IBC Big Screen Auditorium on Saturday, where the company will be showcasing its new EOS C500, EOS–ID C and Canon Cinema Lenses in what it promises to be stunning 4k resolution.

There are two sessions. For Session 1, doors open at 10.50am for a prompt 11.00am start. Doors open for Session 2 at 12.00pm for a 12.10pm start. The event closes at 12.30pm.

“This one-off Canon event will offer visitors to IBC a chance to see the performance of some of the newest products in the Cinema EOS range,” said a company statement. “Shot using the EOS C500 and EOS-1D C cameras, and a variety of Canon EF lenses, two short movies will be presented in 4k resolution to showcase the full imaging power of these new story-telling tools.”

Man and Beast, directed by Dante Ariola and shot by Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, using the EOS C500, tells the compelling story of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Ph. D, who overcame the adversity of a severe stutter as a child.

The Ticket, created by director Po Chan and cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, uses the versatility of the EOS-1D C to retell the age-story of love and loss via a Ferris Wheel, a hospital corridor and a sweetheart’s kiss.

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