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Canon’s EOS-1D C the first HD Tier 1 DSLR

12 September 2013
Canon’s EOS-1D C the first HD Tier 1 DSLR

Canon’s 4K DSLR camera, the EOS-1D C, is the first DSLR to meet the EBU Tech 3335 requirements that show it delivers an image of high enough quality for broadcast production.

In independent tests, it was shown to provide ‘exceptional’ HD resolution from a 4K source with ‘very low’ aliasing, and ‘good’ colour performance and motion portrayal. The test results also confirm that the EOS-1D C complies with the recommended specification for inclusion in HD Tier 1 for HD production.

The camera is based on the EOS-1D X, but is designed for video-supporting in-camera 4K (4096×2160) recording with 4:2:2 colour sampling.

The camera is also getting several feature upgrades via a firmware update. It will become possible to display current aperture (f-number) when shooting with Canon EF Cinema lenses, and to store lens metadata. EF Cinema lenses will also be supported by the Peripheral Illumination and Chromatic Aberration Correction functions, to improving overall image quality. One of the main user requests was improved audio, which is currently limited to a mic input. The forthcoming update will permit selection of Line or Mic, for use of an external audio source.


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