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Canford to highlight UK manufacturing at BVE

17 January 2014
Canford to highlight UK manufacturing at BVE

Canford Audio has been designing and manufacturing audio, video and broadcast products in the UK for over 37 years and will be highlighting just a small selection of the 4500+ own brand products available at BVE.

With two manufacturing plants in Washington, Tyne and Wear and Portland, Dorset, Canford produce almost all own brand products within the UK. These include the Tecpro Communication System, Neal Suspect Interview Recorders, EMO Power Distribution Units, Mains Switchers , Mic and Line Splitters, Panamic Boom Poles, as well as MDUs, Black Boxes and a range of Termination Panels.

New products at BVE will include the Canford test tone oscillator (outputting 40Hz, 400Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz or 15KHz), automatic cable tester MK4 used for testing long or short cables, multi-cores and fixed installation cabling, EMO guitar headphone amp, and phase check system which includes a generator and detector allowing fast testing of the polarity of acoustic transducers, microphone and electronic devices.

A range of Canford’s screen-printed rack blanks will also be on show. The blanks allow for custom designs to be screened directly onto the panels for branding, user controls and rack identification. These can be economically produced in relatively small batch sizes.

Canford currently have dedicated teams to build MDUs, Tecpro, EMO, Neal, Cable assemblies and its range of termination panels. Manufacturing capabilities include three vertical machining centres, a sheet metal workshop, powder coating plus both engraving and screen-printing facilities.


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