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Canford launches new fibre transport system

26 September 2013
Canford launches new fibre transport system

At this month’s IBC2013, Canford launched a new fibre optic multiplexing transport system. The Canford Fibre Optic Multiplex Transport System can multiplex up to eight 3G/HD/SDI signals into a single SM optical fibre as standard and up to 16 when two systems are linked.  The effect is to simplify and extend cable runs whilst simultaneously reducing costs. The system has already been deployed in major broadcasting events including the London Olympics.
The device comes in two configurations – eight in a single direction or four each way in a bi-directional option. The standard single direction system consists of a transmitter and a receiver, both 1U devices. The bi-directional system consists of two transceivers, also housed in 1U cases. Each version of the system is available in high or low wavelength band options and the lower band avoids the water peak wavelength to maintain maximum transmission lengths.
All transmitters, receivers and transceivers have optical expansion ports so that two systems can be combined to provide transport of sixteen SDI signals in one direction or eight in both directions over a single optical fibre. All of the units’ SDI ports are fully re-clocked automatically and have automatic rate detection so that jitter caused by long coaxial runs will not affect the maximum optical run-length and vice versa.
A front panel OLED screen displays optical power, SDI signal presence, temperature and system voltages. Alarms can be set up to trigger an audible tone or relay contact-closure, giving peace of mind when it comes to detecting and resolving distance, grounding and interference issues.
The systems are all available ready mounted in racked flight cases where portability is an important factor. The flightcase version may be specified with adapter panels which can be front- or rear-mounted to interface between the unit’s ST fibre connection and deployable rugged fibre including SMPTE 311/304, Neutrik opticalCON, Stratos/Tyco Pro-Beam/Telecast MX expanded beam and many other systems.
The Fibre Optic Multiplex Transport System was deployed during the London Olympics and the celebrations in London to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

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