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Canford launches biggest ever catalogue

31 May 2010
Canford launches biggest ever catalogue

Canford has published the 2010 edition of its catalogue ‘The Source’, instantly making it Canford’s largest ever catalogue containing over 4,300 new products and two complete new product chapters.

Each chapter contains hundreds of new additions covering ‘Fibre Optic Cables, Connectors & Interfaces’ and ‘IT Accessories & Media’. The launch sees Canford introduce not only thousands of completely new products but also the latest versions and additions to existing products and ranges. The Canford website  has been fully updated to match and has a new Google-powered search facility making access to product descriptions and technical information easier than it has ever been.

The new edition weighs in at over 2kg and is over 1,500 pages long, making the website an attractive alternative for those with bad backs. Used with the recently added ‘next’ and ‘previous’ product buttons, Canford is certain it will make finding any of the over 15,500 items or comparing groups of products simpler than ever before. Canford has also stated that from this point forward all new product launches will take place via The Source Online. This means that looking forward, customers will have immediate access to the latest additions and developments. The paper version of The Source will continue to be published regularly and will collect and present all products launched during that intervening period in the time-honoured Canford fashion.

Dave Holloway, Canford’s Sales & Marketing Director said: “This is our widest offering ever. The two new chapters covering IT accessories and fibre optics, when taken in the context of the convergence within the industry, have provided the opportunity to introduce completely new ranges of products to meet the needs of customers at the cutting edge of the pro audio and broadcast sectors. So their addition is as much about where our industry is heading as new products in new markets“

It would appear that Holloway’s assertion is correct since the IT accessories range includes, wireless routers, external hard disk drives, KVM switches, graphics adapters, audio and video interfaces, mice and a keyboard range that boasts an illuminated keyboard that any front of house engineer will find extremely useful. The memory and media comes from well known and reliable names like Duracell, Dane-Elec, E-Films, Hoodman, Verbatim, Transcend, Fuji and HHB.

They appear to have taken a similar approach in the new fibre optics chapter and have included some of the major brands in that sector including Neutrik, Mini5 and Fibreco.

Holloway affirmed: “It became imperative when customers we deal with on a daily basis started to use ‘fibre’ into audio desks and not just for use with ‘audio for video’ but for dedicated audio desks. We know of several companies already well down this route and we can now supply panels, connectors, couplers, cable, patchcords and more for them to employ in the signal path."

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