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Canal9 goes HD, connects newsroom

16 September 2013
Canal9 goes HD, connects newsroom

Canal9 in Switzerland transitioned to HD transmission on the eve of IBC, using the migration as an opportunity to go fully tapeless and begin to integrate social networks into its newsroom for realtime engagement with its viewers.

The new workflow, extending from production to broadcast, was made possible with the MOS protocol, the open standard that enables users to see, use and control devices from within different applications. Using this technology, Grass Valley’s Stratus Framework, Edius editing systems and media servers, Ross XPression graphics system, Autoscript prompters and the Octopus7 news room computer system (NRCS) were all connected.

Octopus7, being integrated with social networks, allows the reporters receive real-time Twitter feeds, as well as standard news feeds, from within Octopus. Additionally, stories can be pushed out to online audiences.

“The Octopus installation was handled very professionally, integrating fully with our new media servers and graphics software,” said Stephane Sassano, technical director with Canal9. “Version 7 of the software is a major release. It gives our journalists minute by minute news updates via Twitter, as well as all the traditional RSS feeds and agency wire sources. It also allows us to engage with our viewers instantly via social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It will make a real difference to the way we produce and deliver news stories.”

Added Octopus Newsroom’s Gabriel Jankó, sales director, Europe & Americas: “It is designed to accelerate tapeless workflows via MOS and to expedite news production by enabling journalists and editors to work together collaboratively.” 


By Carolyn Giardina

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