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Canal Sur updates with Provys

22 August 2012
Canal Sur updates with Provys

Spanish broadcaster Canal Sur has installed a Provys TVoffice channel management system as part of its tapeless workflow in Seville. Local system integrator Promovisa managed the project and undertook much of the on-site installation and training. Provys handles all the schedules, including the programme material that is transmitted in all the eight provinces of Andalucía, Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén and Málaga as well as Seville. This results in a daily mix of shared content that is transmitted uniformly across the whole territory, and local content that is different for each region, especially the local commercials. Provys is used for many aspects of the channel management, including scheduling. Because the regions have sections of regional content, Provys prepares one ‘parent’ playlist for Seville, as well as seven additional ‘child’ playlists for the regional opt-outs. The parent playlist indicates when the regional child playlists should run in place of the parent. The Pebble Beach Marina playout system receives all eight playlists and plays them out – temporarily switching to the multiple child playlists when indicated in the parent playlist. The introduction of Provys at Canal Sur is a part of a wider project to introduce tapeless workflow at the channel. For this the Provys system includes the following integrated modules: programme library, media library, long-term planning and presentation scheduling. It is interfaced both to the Pebble Beach Marina playout system and the Tedial MAM system. As a part of this integrated workflow, the addition of Provys Media Layer facilitates digital material management: tracking all video files with searches, low-resolution previews, deep archiving and restoring the material to transmission video servers when needed to go on air.


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