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Camerobot delivers new precision camera platform

23 September 2013
Camerobot delivers new precision camera platform

Camera automation company Camerobot Systems debuted a new camera robot at IBC 2013. The German company said that its system, used in combination with high-speed cameras, allows operators to take unique shots and spectacular image sequences that open up completely new perspectives.

In standard configuration, the six-axis robot can reach a height of 2.05m and operate across a range of 1.86m, which can be further extended using linear axes. Mounting adapters are available for high-speed cameras such as Phantom, Weisscam, ARRI and Red Epic.

Used in combination with the lightweight yet highly stable camera mount, Camerobot claimed the robot would deliver perfect, vibration-free images and sequences. The camera is also designed for automated studio use, where complicated camera moves can be tracked and repeated with precision. This can have particular advantages for virtual studio and green screen use.

The high-speed robot can be controlled via a joystick or left to run in automatic mode. Programmed settings can be repeated as many times as desired in exactly the same configuration. Control of the robot in high-speed moves is by means of the target tracking option, which enables the camera to automatically follow a subject as it goes through an extremely fast sequence.

Other options include a special software package for programming camera moves from a laptop, a precise zoom and focus control, a plinth and a transport box.

by Michael Burns

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