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Cameras and editors catching the IBC Eye

9 September 2012
Cameras and editors catching the IBC Eye

Former BBC R&D research engineer and consultant Alan Roberts has carried out the legwork for delegates interested in camera systems and, on Saturday morning, shared his findings during the first of three IBC ‘What Caught My Eye’ sessions. Roberts visited Blackmagic’s stand to glean more details about the manufacturer’s first eagerly anticipated camera. Stuart Aston (pictured), director EMEA, Blackmagic said: “We didn’t want reams of menus, just simple design and usability. There is a single record on the front, and a back menu button that opens up a touch screen. With the touch screen you can tag metadata and bring it with you into a NLE environment. This speeds up the editing process.” Roberts described Blackmagic’s offering as “a really innovative camera in the same bracket as Canon’s C500”. Roberts also pointed to new Panasonic offering, Remote Edit & AJHPX600. The manufacturer’s new app allows users to edit and deliver content in-camera. The app is so new that it’s not yet in production with a delivery date and price to be decided. Panasonic’s European parts manager Rob Tarrant added that the app would not be retrofitted into any of its older ranges but would be interoperable with the AJPX600 and all future lines. Roberts added “If it makes the production easier that’s got to be a good idea. The camera will export the EDL as well which means you can do your rough cuts on site and do half your edits before end of play.” – Ann-Marie Corvin

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