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Camera Corps captures Grand Prix champion Vettel

1 November 2013
Camera Corps captures Grand Prix champion Vettel

Q-Ball equipment from UK-based Camera Corps captured the moment on the winner’s podium when Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel’s victory celebration was broadcast globally from the Indian Grand Prix motor race on 27 October.  Vettel’s sixth consecutive victory this season makes him only the fourth man in history to win four titles in the world series.

Q-Ball remotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom equipment is used by the Red Bull production team to generate video coverage of sports events. Each Q-Ball incorporates a 10:1 zoom lens which enables the remote operator to produce wide angle and close-up shots while retaining full live-action control of pan and tilt.

"Success breeds success," commented Shaun Glanville, business development director of Camera Corps. "Our aim is to design and build remotely controlled camera systems offering the high-precision control that a driver would demand from a racing car. The images obtained from Q-Ball cameras by many of the world’s leading broadcast producers in sport, documentaries, music productions and reality television shows, prove that we have accomplished this ambitious goal and continue to do so."

The Q-Ball head is a weatherproof cast aluminium sphere, enclosing a 1080i camera with 10:1 zoom optics, plus a fully rotatable pan and tilt head. Motors enable the operator to adjust the camera angle from practically any location, including smooth adjustment of vertical and lateral tracking speeds.

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