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Camera accessories on a roll

26 February 2015
Camera accessories on a roll

Denz has a host of new camera accessories, from motorised heads to director’s viewfinders, and has added a rig for Sony’s new PXW-FS7.

The Denz Sony PXW-FS7 Kit has a lightweight camera base, fits any shoulder pad or tripod, and includes a top plate with adjustable integrated handle. It uses 15mm LWS-rods and Denz offers several adapters to cover all sorts of applications, including a PL-Adapter to support heavy PL-mount lenses.

The new Denzhead (Dutch Angle Camera Head) can roll cameras around their optical axis by 180° while keeping the rotational centre on the optical axis, whereas some systems drift sideways while rolling. The Denzhead is claimed to be “the quickest way to set up a third axis on top of a tripod,” in combination with an appropriate tripod plate, such as Sachtler’s Touch & Go Plate.

It is compatible with any lens drive (Arri, Preston, Heden, cmotion, etc.) and allows users to fall back on full manual control by means of a flexible shaft. It weighs 3.75kg (without motor and control unit) and can carry 10kg.

The Denz OIC 35-A anamorphic viewfinder switches between spherical and anamorphic view. It can be used with PL and Panavision mounts and the ground glass holder allows using all Arriflex 435 ground glasses.

Other new products include: BP12 adapter to allow the Arri Alexa to use Denz’s existing bridge-plate system; the DCB 90 bracket, which mounts any digital camera at a 90° roll-angle, for shooting a vertical image; and the Follow Focus Mini EVO, which uses a new drive and damping mechanism, and weighs 20 per cent less than its previous version.


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