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Call for ‘True 3D’ to be branded

21 January 2011
Call for ‘True 3D’ to be branded

Atlantic Productions CEO and Executive Producer, Anthony Geffen, has called for 3DTV productions to be badged according to the degree of converted 2D-3D content they contain, writes Adrian Pennington.

“I would like to see a brand called Real 3D credited to any programme that contains 10% or less of converted content,” he said. “My concern is that a lot of converted 2D-3D material, whether automatically processed or done in post production, is so inferior in quality that it will damage the impression that viewers have of natively captured 3D which at its best is a remarkable, immersive viewing experience.”

Sky’s criteria for programming destined for Sky 3D rules that no more than 25% of any programme by converted. It is particularly adamant that no automated conversions are allowed, although exceptions are made for live events, where it is often impractical to achieve 3D shots from certain positions.

“Sky have adopted a strict policy with 3D because they think they have one or two chances to capture people’s imagination and entice them to buy 3DTVs,” said Geffen. “They did that with HD. Viewers were wowed by Sky HD because it was of superior quality.”

“Other broadcasters are upconverting considerable amounts of content and may think that the audience won’t know the difference. I think people are more literate now than a year ago and would appreciate the choice of watching something which is simulated or real 3D.”

Atlantic’s Flying Monsters for Sky featured 20 sequences of 2D-3D converted aerial and archive shots (from 340 total). It is currently in production on the 3D Penguin Island, for Sky and Imax.

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