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C.3 chooses eQ for HD drive

16 July 2007

Frankfurt-based full-service facility C.3 Produktionshaus has purchased a fully loaded Quantel eQFX system to spearhead its drive into full-on HD production, citing the machine’s speed and client interactivity as major factors in its choice.

Thomas Horlebein, one of C.3’s founding partners and chief editor, says that he selected the Quantel eQ as the pivot of the company’s push into HD for two principle reasons.

“Much of our work is for high-end corporate clients such as automotive manufacturers, and they demand HD quality for their high production value launch materials,” Horlebein explained. “eQ is designed to handle HD and produces stunning imagery. Our clients also like to be involved in the production process, and the eQ is so fast that they can sit in on the post production and make decisions interactively, seeing the results of their ideas reflected instantly on-screen. It makes for higher quality, more creative results, and happier clients too.

“Colour correction plays a particularly critical role in the production process when you’re dealing with high value new car launch material,” Horlebein continued. “The QColor in-context colour correction capability built into our eQ gives us total interactive control of every aspect of colour. Clients love it and know that their product will always look as great on screen as it does in the showroom window.”

C.3 has already tested its new eQ to the full on two major launch videos for new models from Porsche and Skoda. “They look fantastic,” Horlebein concluded. “Unfortunately though, we’ll have to wait to see the results in public as the projects remain top secret until the new cars are unveiled at the International Automobile Fair in Frankfurt this September.”

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