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Bulgaria On Air supplied with 250 Christie MicroTiles

20 October 2011
Bulgaria On Air supplied with 250 Christie MicroTiles

UVT SC Computer has installed 250 Christie MicroTiles for five individual stage sets at the recently renovated facility of new TV station Bulgaria On Air.

Owned by Holding Varna subsidiary MSAT Cable, Bulgaria On Air delivers business and financial information to local audiences and international investors, advising them on the opportunities that exist in Bulgaria.

In pursuing a development strategy that is focused on generating leads by attracting the right audience, the broadcaster is assisted by a MicroTiles display, which is located in a versatile new studio featuring five separate stages.

The feature backdrop is a curved display, measuring 5.71 x 2.45 meters and containing 112 MicroTiles. In addition, there are two displays with 30 MicroTiles each (2.45 x 1.53 meters), one display with 18 Micro Tiles (measuring 2.45 x 0.92 meters), and an angled display formed by 2 x 30 MicroTiles each (2.45 x 1.53 meters). All are built into the TV design set and all screens are connected to HDSDI video switcher via HDSDI/HDMI converters.

Alexander Kitanov, director of sales at UVT SC Computer, commented: “The original intention of the customer was to use plasma screens on all sets, but after a detailed presentation and explanation of the technical and operational benefits of MicroTiles he was convinced by the benefits of this technology. Thanks to the close cooperation with Christie we were able to match their target price and to win the project.”

He said that the clients were particularly impressed with the narrow gaps between the screens. “This was very important for their big curved screen. The uniformity of the colour reproduction and automatic operation were also very highly regarded but in all respects, against the other competing technologies, MicroTiles gave a stronger performance: colour reproduction and consistency across screen, image stability, maintenance, ease of set up and infinite resolution.”

In addition to installation duties, UVT SC Computer was also responsible for configuration, training and first-level system support.

All live shows and station news will use the displays, which will feature both live and recorded content generated by the graphics department of Bulgaria On Air. Project support came from Tamas Vaspori, Christie’s independent business development consultant, Central Eastern Europe.

Reflecting on MicroTiles’ role in helping to realise Bulgaria On Air’s objectives, the station’s general manager remarked: “Our goal is to forge a social network. We plan to develop active dialogue with our audience and offer participation in numerous additional events such as conferences, discussions and seminars. We want to create an innovative type of channel for a specific audience with the viewers actively involved in the content making – and Christie MicroTiles is part of that innovation.”

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