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Microphones sound good value

26 February 2015
Microphones sound good value

Boya’s range of professional microphones cost a lot less than buyers are used to, but are claimed to meet the needs of videographers, event video producers and webcasters. They are already popular in the US and Asia, but are only now available in Europe. The range includes lavalier, condenser, shotgun and compact stereo models, as well as wireless systems.

“None of these mics cross the £50 mark. But don’t be mistaken, the sound and build are of a very high quality. Not only that, the camera-mounted devices come with windscreens included, while the shotgun mic is supplied with a noise dampening shock mount. It’s simply terrific value,” claimed Nick Allen-Miles of European distributor Ianiro International.

He believes the pick of the product line-up is the BY-WM5 wireless microphone pack with two-way communication. The familiar looking pocket-sized transmitter and receiver can be used to capture audio wirelessly from up to 50 metres. Both the talent and recording technician can monitor the audio using supplied earpieces, with adjustable volume levels. A lapel microphone is also included.

“While cameras have come down dramatically in price, professional wireless mic systems have remained stubbornly expensive. At only £75 Boya’s new system will change the sound landscape forever,” he claimed.


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