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BTV Post opens London-Brighton internet data highway

25 July 2013
BTV Post opens London-Brighton internet data highway

A new high speed data transfer service has been introduced by BTV Post, which will provide one of the fastest file delivery services on the South Coast and the fastest in Brighton.

The connection will allow the company to deliver digital video between their London and Brighton facilities at high speeds, as well as offering fast delivery speeds to and from Brighton and the South Coast area.

The new connection is part of an expansion of BTV Post’s digital media services and technical infrastructure, and is spearheaded by Jon Lee, chief technical offer for the company.

The Brighton 600mbps connection is set for September of this year, and will make it possible to move a one hour TV show to London in 20-30 minutes – far faster than using a courier.

Chris Oram, technical facilities manager at BTV Post London commentd: “File delivery is one of our specialities, and something we really pride ourselves on. It’s amazing even in today’s industry how many people don’t know how it can save them time and money.”

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