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BT TV harnesses Vistex for rights management

1 February 2017
BT TV harnesses Vistex for rights management

BT TV has selected Vistex’s Media Maestro solution to handle its rights management requirements.

Vistex, which provides rights and royalties software solutions to the music, entertainment and licensing industries, aims to keep up with the ever-changing media landscape by developing new functionalities.

“With such a complex and rapidly evolving rights landscape, we needed an industry-leading system to manage this,” said Terry Alford, head of broadcast operations at BT TV.

“Media Maestro ticked all those boxes. In Vistex, we have a strong partner to guide us through the ever evolving rights landscape.”

BT was supported in the new project by media industry consultancy Rogo Scott. Ben Clasper, managing director, Rogo Scott, explained, BT TV identified the procurement of a rights management solution as a key building block for growing their business and ensuring that they meet their obligations to their content providers.

“We’re pleased to be involved in helping them deliver that vision.”

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