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BT Tower gets Ka Solution for global coverage

5 July 2013
BT Tower gets Ka Solution for global coverage

Quicklink Video Distribution Services is now offering Ka Network Enhancement to its IP Global Content Distribution Service which uses a fibre link connection to any worldwide destination.

Many UK and international broadcasters, production companies, fibre and transmission suppliers have links to London’s BT Tower. Direct connectivity via fibre links is also available through SNG’s partnerships with fibre providers. It is now possible to stream live video using the Ka Network to any global destination, without the higher cost of traditional methods.

 “Direct connectivity with BT Tower makes direct global reception significantly easier to achieve, particularly for those operators with limited conventional broadcast infrastructure,” explained Francis Lovell, SNG. “By booking these connectivity services on an occasional basis, significant infrastructure savings can be achieved.”

Quicklink offers a range of encoders that can be used with the Ka network including Mac and Windows Software and 1U vehicle rack mount encoders. The Quicklink encoding units can be remotely operated.

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