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BT signs with Colt for joint global media delivery network

21 September 2011
BT signs with Colt for joint  global media delivery network

Colt, the information delivery platform for European business, and BT Wholesale, the largest wholesale telecoms business in Europe, have signed an access agreement to join their respective media delivery networks, covering Europe, Asia and the US, writes Heather McLean.

BT Wholesale has a strong media network in Asia, the US and the UK, while Colt has a firm foothold in Europe. Now Colt’s customers are able to access content from Europe’s largest media market exchange at the BT Tower in London, plus access out to Asia and the US. BT adds Colt’s network in Europe to its artillery.

Greater access to televised content and worldwide markets will enable broadcasters to unlock potential distribution or syndication revenue opportunities by delivering more sports and news coverage to viewers, Mark Webb (pictured here, left, with Mark Wilson-Dunn, BT Wholesale), business development manager, media, Colt Technology Services, claimed.

“The broadcasting sector is currently going through a number of significant transformations with the onset of digitisation, transition to high definition services, convergence of IT networks and content delivery platforms, and the proliferation of devices consumers use,” said Webb. “This agreement on top of Colt’s existing broadcast-specific service capability, ideally positions us to help our customers offer reliable, high quality content from sporting and news events to a wider geographic reach.”

Added Mark Wilson-Dunn, BT Wholesale’s media and broadcast director of global sales: “Our strategy has been to encourage people to connect, from channel owners and content owners, through to the end-user. What this effectively means is it’s a shrinking world when it comes to content. There’s no such thing as local content any more, which increases the demand for media-grade connectivity, rather than just standard data and call connectivity.”

As the largest media switch in Europe, the BT Tower in London is responsible for 95 per cent of all UK and 75 percent of all UK to Europe video traffic. It switches 16,000 hours of video traffic a day.

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