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BSI to launch Real Freedom product line

26 March 2013
BSI to launch Real Freedom product line

Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) will celebrate its 30th Anniversary at NAB by unveiling, for the first time in company history, an exciting new product line that will be available for purchase. “We’ve spent the last 30 years putting wireless camera links through their paces at countless events,” explained BSI general manager, Peter Larsson. “We’ve upgraded our equipment as our suppliers have upgraded their products, but we eventually got to a place where the product we really wanted didn’t exist, so we decided to build it ourselves.” BSI’s Real Freedom system will incorporate next generation features into an integrated, wireless camera link. The company is designing the kit to be one of the most easy-to-use products of its kind on the market with a simplified user interface and setup. The Real Freedom family of components will offer users the highest resolution and video quality available in a wireless camera system with 1080p/60 and 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling. It will also feature H.264 encoding and DVB-T2 modulation. The system will be available for purchase this summer. “We’re still fine tuning the final product, but we’re at the point where we are ready to get input on the feature set from end-users and schedule beta system demos,” says BSI’s product sales director, Lee Norton. “We believe NAB is the ideal platform for us to test the waters and see if we have accurately anticipated the needs of our potential customers. It gives us the opportunity to make some final tweaks before our full launch. “We are in the unique position as a manufacturer in that we will be our own most demanding customer,” explained Norton. “Our field teams will be deploying this system at major events around the world on a weekly basis.  They will be relying on the same customer service and support program that we will be providing for our entire customer base. We already know how critical this component of our business will be, and we plan to make it our number one priority after putting a quality product on the market.”

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